blog init

“Hey, let’s start a blog!” - what a wonderful idea I stumbled upon. Though I’m late to the party for many years.

Do I have something novel to say? I dunno, may be yes. Do I want to say something? I do!

I’m a software engineer by trade. We, engineering folks, love to create something new. Something that I can start and finish, step back, and bask in glory of completed work. something like a blog post.

I’ve been doing software engineering for 11+ years and I’ve collected some ideas and opinions over the time. I want to write it down, even if everything I write is for a single reader - myself.

English is not my first language. Even not the second if I count programming languages. Blogging could be a good chance to practice my writing skills.

Without further ado, let’s just commit this blog post, publish it to GitHub Pages and start the journey.

Welcome! I hope you’ll find my blog interesting.